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Devlin and Red
Talking totems
More totem talk
Lily Osborne
Stephen Barnes and Russ Mackimmie
Russ at bingo
Chadwicks at bingo
Todd McAllister
Brita appears at Bingo
Red at bingo
Kathy Lawson and Sherrill
Kathy Lawson wins the stained glass
Room hopping
Friday night list party
Dana Kraft
Pam Lenox and Red
Russ Mackimmie
Silvia's table
The California candy table
Silvia hard at work
Mike Chadwick
Seth and Scott Osborne
Shawn Peterson
Joe Klug
Stuart Cartwright and his dad
Sherrill Hondorf and Little Newt
Hrdlicka Table
Red setup
Debbie at Silvia's sale
Little Newt
Seth and Kathy shop
Steve Hrdlicka
The pez game prizes
John Devlin
Debbie Rodriguez
Bill Trite plays the pez game
Dana Kraft
Mike Chadwick plays the game
Todd McAllister plays the pez game
Russ plays the game
Yvonne Chadwick plays the pez game
Welch and Silvia
Camera Wars
David and Silvia
Still drinking
Mike's Big Buy
Close inspection
Closer inspection